FARM UPDATES: Jan 22, 2014

Peace and Love All!

So last weekend we started working on the farm…it was AWESOME!  So many folks came out and helped with clean up, clear off, and dig up!  It was quite refreshing and fun…felt good to be out there.

Here it is!  The Luquillo Farm thought we were joking!

Here it is! The Luquillo Farm Sanctuary….you thought we were joking!

Still we have about 199 more years of work to do so we are continuing again this weekend so that we can get the farm up and running, poco a poco.  Off the top of my head this is what we are working on, what we need, and any and everything else I can think of:

Lauri, Marisa and Vane stopping to eat!

Lauri, Marisa and Vane stopping to eat!

We need more volunteers…from both near and far.  In order to make this happen we need folks who would enjoy giving us some hours to help work the land.  We found out recently that high school students must provide 40 hours of community service.  We have the perfect project for you.  Please contact us to start your hours AHORA!!  Make sure you bring: gloves, boots, and a big wide hat.  That sun is no joke!


We need a squadron of people who would like to stay on the farm part to full time.  We need to have presence on the land and in order for us to create a community based project where people see that we are there we would like to invite folks who can assist with this.  We want you to be fully integrated into the project but until we are able to build some cabins, life on the farm is going to be very rustic and off the grid.  We already spent the night there one night…and it was…how can I say this…HEY!  Those COWS!!  They were harmless…but nosy!  They were trying to check us out all night!  It was cool…we are invading their free range space right about now anyway.

Interested in doing some camping on the land…please let us know!  We would love to have you.  And YES, meals are included.

One question:  Do you like cows?

One of the Seven Dwarfs!

One of the Seven Dwarfs!


Donations are needed in the following capacity:

Tools, Carpas (tents and pop-ups), Organic Seeds, Water hoses, PVC, gloves, hats, 5 gallon buckets with lids, pallets, and more.  We will constantly be adding to this list.  If there are things you have in the back of the garage and storage unit you would like to donate we would greatly appreciate it and will even arrange to have it picked up!  Thanks!


We are planning on having a table at the Tinglar Festival.  We will be selling baked goods and beverages.  Also, giving out information on the farm, and getting more volunteers to participate.  Please ask your abuela or someone in the family that really knows how to bake to donate a home baked goodies (cookies, brownies, cakes: regular, organic, vegan or otherwise…just good) to sell for the organizations fundraising (no storebought items, please). And if you are able to hang out with us at the table for the day or a few hours…please let us know…we actually need to create a schedule to have the table fully manned.  The Tinglar Festival is on Saturday, April 12th. Check it out on FB…I don’t see their updated page up yet but I will repost it later.


We still have those two positions to fill…please check the out on the site:  Grantwriter and Eco-Educational Coordinator.  They are commission based jobs.  We need qualified individual helping us to get the farm fully funded in all ways.  This is HUGE!


Please LIKE our facebook page:


We have pushed back the Puerto Rico Junior Chef Competition…and are in the process of updating the Calendar.  We will post shortly.  Meanwhile please share the website:

And we need more children to participate…we need help pushing this!


Geronimo is going to be heading up the Nuestro Mercado Verde farmer’s market on Saturdays starting soon…in FEB most likely!  He is looking for Vendors who sell locally grown and made items.  The donation to sell is $10.  Information will be posted shortly.  This is the only Mercado Agricola on the entire east coast of Puerto Rico and we will be marketing heavily from Canovanas through Humacao on Rt 3.  Interested in participating?  Please let us know!



Lauribel will be heading up the Educational programs…we will soon be launching

Mi Escuela Natural:  a school program for students to come to the farm and enjoy a day of fun workshops and hands-on farming demonstrations

Campo Boricua:  a FREE Saturday program for children to come and spend the day at the farm learning about composting, organics, plant identification and other amazing adventures.  Parents must join the Parent Resource Team in order for their child to participate.

Check out her BIO here!

Lauribel strategizing about Farm Ops with Samuel...our farm Angel

Lauribel strategizing about Farm Ops with Samuel…our farm Angel


If you are interested in participating in the farm in anyway, please make some noise!  We want you to participate and all dedicated volunteers will be the first to be hired in some capacity or another as it pertains to jobs on the farm as they become lucrative or funded.  Definitely need someone to head up the Volunteering program…you can start as a Volunteer…but then it will definitely become a real job.

Come and Volunteer at the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary!

Come and Volunteer at the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary!

SHOUT OUTS to:  Brandon and Family, Lauribel Lopez y Papi, Geronimo Robaina, Caleb, Hector, Joe Santiago, Ruth Beltran, Marisa and Luis, Vane, and let’s not forget the Seven Dwarfs (las Vacas)!!

Thanks all for your positive feedback and clever critiquing of our amazing project!  We appreciate you and want to see you out there under the son!  More time…ya here!


Skai Juice
Chief Inspirational Officer
Muevete Puerto Rico, Inc
Luquillo Farm Sanctuary






Puerto Rico Junior Chef Competition

Calendario de eventos

enero 24 Último día para REGISTRARSE

enero 29 Último día subir tu primer “Show de Cocina”



febrero 12 Último día para subir tu
segundo “Show de Cocina”


febrero 21 ¡¡¡¡TERMINAN.LAS VOTACIONES!!!!

febrero 26 Último día para subir tu tercer “Show de Cocina”



marzo 15 GALA FINAL (¡¡Ubicación será anunciada!!)



Calendar of Events

Jan 24th                Last Day to REGISTER

Jan 29th                Last Day to enter your first “Cooking Show”

Feb 3rd                  VOTING BEGINS!!!

Feb 7th                  VOTING ENDS!!!

Feb 12th                Last Day to enter your second “Cooking Show”

Feb 17th                VOTING BEGINS!!!

Feb 21st                VOTING ENDS!!!

Feb 26th                Last Day to enter your third “Cooking Show”

Mar 3rd                 VOTING BEGINS!!!

Mar 7th                 VOTING ENDS!!!

Mar 8th                 GALA FINALE EVENT (Location to be Announced!)