The Haunted House was Great!

We just finished our weekend with the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary and the second annual Haunted House. It was an amazing time! We expected more people this year however there was the scare of the rain and the fact that there was a huge amount of other Halloween activities going on. Personally Im exhausted, but was happy to see the young people enjoying our event.

I want to thank the following volunteers for helping us with this event!  Without you we could not have done it!

  • Molly
  • Sunshine
  • Corey
  • Olivia
  • Sean
  • Jennifer
  • Monica
  • Thomas
  • Luna
  • Emily
  • True
  • Nathan
  • Eddie
  • Nino
  • Shannon
  • Maritza

Check out the pictures below from our event! Stay tuned for more amazing fun and educational events at the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary!  If you are interested in participating please make sure you sign up for our newsletter on the website:


Zombies and witches everywhere!


Yes, it was this dark…can you even see the haunted house?


Scary Costumes…no one expected a child to scare them…that is really scary!




Dont mess with Luna! She is the undead!


The Grim Reaper came through too…just in case!


Children of all ages!


Fright Night…the Freaks come out in the Dark!


Zombies and Undead…all over the place


The kids came in costumes too!


Devilish Ghouls!


Witch Doctors and all! Shannon and Sean


La Casa Embrujada Luquillo: Early Bird Special!

zombies pr 1


Early Bird ESPECIAL!
Comprar boletos por adelantado para la gran casa encantada en el Luquillo Farm Sanctuary! ¡50% rebajado! Compra sólo en línea … traer su recibo o recibo por correo electrónico en su teléfono.

Las entradas sólo $7.50 (precio regular $15)
Cantidad limitada disponible!
La oferta termina el Jueves, 22 de octubre
Compra entradas aquí >>>

Haunted House Luquillo

Buy tickets in Advance for the big Haunted House at the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary! 50% Off! Online Purchase Only…bring your receipt or email receipt on your phone.

Tickets only $7.50 (regularly $15)
Limited Amount Available!
Offer expires Thursday, October 22
Purchase tickets here>>>

haunted house 3

Volunteers Needed!

10390258_10101533350485315_635277586687901295_nWant some hands-on experience farming? I am looking for an individual or couple interested in working on a mixed, organic, Permaculture-based farm in Puerto Rico for the winter, and possibly longer.
Accommodations include camping, shared bathroom and shared kitchen with many communal meals. 20 hours a week required, two days off a week, farm near the beach and hiking areas nearby.
Please contact for more information
Thanks so much!
Please Share!

The Haunted House at the Farm…returns!!

haunted house 3Usted está invitado a un tiempo increíblemente aterrador al Luquillo Farm Sanctuary de anual
¡¡Casa embrujada!! El tema de este año es:
“Los monstruos salen por la noche!”
Se invita a todas las edades, sin embargo tener en cuenta, esto es más aterrador que cualquier casa encantada alguna vez ha sido demasiado!
28 al 31 octubre
Puertas abren a las 19:00
Consigue aquí early.we esperan grandes multitudes!
$ 15 o $ 10 con un traje completo
Direcciones en la web!
correo electrónico para obtener más información:
texto para el contacto directo: 939-891-9215
¡Difundir la palabra!

Haunted House Luquillo

You are invited to an amazingly scary time at the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary’s annual
Haunted House!! The theme this year is:
“The Freaks Come Out At Night!”
All ages are invited, however be mindful, this is scarier than any Haunted House you have ever been too!
Oct 28th – 31st
Gates open at 7pm
Get here early.we are expecting large crowds!
$15 or $10 with a full costume
Directions on the website!
email for more info:
text for direct contact: 939-891-9215
Spread the word!

Haunted House 2


Peace and Love Family!

Committee Meetings….please make sure you have chosen a committee to be involved in for the farm.  Ive once again attached the descriptions of the committees to remind you which committee is doing what. (I know I get confused to)

Another thing…right now we are in search of not only committee members but the actual Board of Directors.  Lauribel is not active presently and True is really busy with business and both cannot focus on this project. We really need people who can be active to get this project pushed through.  Right now its me as the President and Director and Joany as the Secretary.  Just to keep this in mind….we will work on that part later…month or so.

Please confirm your attendance to each meeting…and as usual it will be recorded.

Finance Committee Next Meeting:  Tuesday, May 19th 7pm

Operations Next Meeting: Thurs, May 21, 7pm

Education Next Meeting: Wed, May 20th, 7pm

Fundraising and Development Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 19th 8pm

Marketing and Community Outreach Next Meeting: Wed, May 20th 8pm

We will use the same platform for the meeting…


Passcode: 537-927

Finance Committee

This committee entails setting budgets, financial record keeping; ensuring funds are allocated in a compliant manner, work closely with Fundraising and Development Committee for forecasting and projections.


This committee is in charge of planning the day to day operations and development of the farm. The committee will set project goals and expected timelines for completion. Projects can include construction of facilities, determining which crops to grow and where, and plans to install new technology on the farm. Also, the management of the Energy Exchange program (Volunteers) which is a fully operational program where adults from all over the world come to the farm to work in exchange for camping and meals.


Luquillo Farm Sanctuary is a haven for learning. People of all ages have the opportunity to learn from the land.   This committee is responsible for the Mi Escuela Natural program, Campo Boriken Saturday Program, and the Campo Boriken Summer Camp, Youth Journey and other educational projects. The committee should network with different people who can present and lead discussions on topics such as permaculture, sustainable building, aquaponics, and more.

Fundraising and Development

The fundraising committee will work together to plan fundraising and FUN-raising events. Fundraising events can include galas, arts events, farmer’s markets and other events at the discretion of the committee. The committee will be responsible for setting fundraising goals and reporting to the board on their progress. Brainstorming and identifying funding though sponsorships, grant writing & donations.

Marketing and Community Outreach

Finding all ways to promote the farm, social media marketing, website updating, blogging, the local news, newsletter and keeping people updated on new events and happenings at the farm. Soliciting and attracting new volunteers and participants.

Any questions or concern…please correspond by email: or text 939-891-9215


Skai Juice

Presidente (not the beer)

Muevete Puerto Rico Inc

The Luquillo Farm Sanctuary

PERMACULTURE WORKSHOP This Saturday at the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary

Los invitamos a participar de un taller interactivo el sábado 9 de Mayo desde las 10 a.m. para crear un Círculo de Banana Permanente (técnica Permacultural) usando una variación del “Pit Garden”.  El costo del taller es $10 dólares.

El taller va a estar facilitado por Nikola Spassov, consultor y diseñador de Permacutura Certificado.

Traigan su silla de playa, mat de yoga o toalla para sentarse, y un telmo con agua y almuerzo!

Para reservaciones por favor mandar email a :



At the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary

Saturday May 9th 10am

You are invited to participate in a workshop to create a permanent Banana Circle using a variation of a Pit Garden (Permaculture technique)


Workshop taught by Nikola Spassov, Certified Permaculture Designer, Consultant and Teacher

Bring a chair, yoga mat, or towel to sit on…and something to drink and eat for lunch

To book your space please email us

banana circle english banana circle spanish

MEETING! For the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary

Peace and Love Friends…we are having a much needed conversation regarding the membership, committees and new business for the farm, this Thursday, May 7th at 8pm EST.  Please call in at:  712-432-0075 and put in passcode: 537927 right before 8pm.

Please reply if you are planning on being attending the meeting. Yes it will be recorded if you are unable to make that time.
Also, we are going to start working on the various committees…so we will set up meetings for those as well.
And if anyone who is newly interested in participating in the farm please message us at
Let’s build a more sustainable Puerto Rico!
Skai Juice
Luquillo Farm Sanctuary

Work Exchange/Land Exchange

We are looking for someone versed in the gentle art of ecological farming who would like to create work/share opportunity with us. We have an 80 acre farm here in Luquillo, PR.  And our project is The Luquillo Farm Sanctuary. We are a developing farm whose mission is to develop Puerto Rico’s only children’s educational farm. We need someone who can help us develop a small section of the farm we are working on and in exchange receive 5 acres that they can develop for ecological purposes as well.

If you know of such a person who would be open to this type of exchange/work arrangement please have them call:

Skai Juice

939 891 9215

My Spanish is terrible…so please have a translator available.  Thanks so much!

Check out our website too!