The Haunted House was Great!

We just finished our weekend with the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary and the second annual Haunted House. It was an amazing time! We expected more people this year however there was the scare of the rain and the fact that there was a huge amount of other Halloween activities going on. Personally Im exhausted, but was happy to see the young people enjoying our event.

I want to thank the following volunteers for helping us with this event!  Without you we could not have done it!

  • Molly
  • Sunshine
  • Corey
  • Olivia
  • Sean
  • Jennifer
  • Monica
  • Thomas
  • Luna
  • Emily
  • True
  • Nathan
  • Eddie
  • Nino
  • Shannon
  • Maritza

Check out the pictures below from our event! Stay tuned for more amazing fun and educational events at the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary!  If you are interested in participating please make sure you sign up for our newsletter on the website:


Zombies and witches everywhere!


Yes, it was this dark…can you even see the haunted house?


Scary Costumes…no one expected a child to scare them…that is really scary!




Dont mess with Luna! She is the undead!


The Grim Reaper came through too…just in case!


Children of all ages!


Fright Night…the Freaks come out in the Dark!


Zombies and Undead…all over the place


The kids came in costumes too!


Devilish Ghouls!


Witch Doctors and all! Shannon and Sean


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