Peace and Love my Puerto Rican People!  It is with great excitement that I invite you over to the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary in the Villa Angelina sector of Luquillo for an amazing BRIGADE to launch the creation of this educational 80 acre organic farm. We are about to embark on an amazing journey to educate the community about the importance of growing healthy and organic foods and we need your help to get started.  This Saturday, we will be meeting at 8am to start with clean up, campsite set up, and starting our first farm bed to get ready for planting.  All those who would like to come and help, share, eat, have fun, and work hard are encouraged to come.  Please bring boots, gloves, and tools: pick axes, shovels, hoes.  If you are interested in camping too, let us know in advance.  We may have tents space for you…however if you have one bring it.  The land is very muddy!  Also if you would like to share in the contribution of food as well, it would help to, to bring any goodies that you may have growing or some staple items such as rice and beans that we can add.  Please contact us through facebook or email so that we can honestly assess how many people plan to attend, so that we have the necessary things needed to accommodate everyone, especially food. The Luquillo Farm Sanctuary is sponsored by Muevete Puerto Rico, Inc, a non profit organization dedicated to creating a healthier Puerto Rico!  Please Please Please spread this message far and wide.  With gratitude, your sister in the vision:  Skai Juice!


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