You make the difference!

Peace and Love!

Skai Juice here!

About 4 years ago, my family and I moved to Puerto Rico from Baltimore with one thing in mind…to get some land and create a farm with a purpose. I created a nonprofit organization called Muevete Puerto Rico and applied for government land for farming. The process has taken about 2 years. Excitedly we have been approved for an 80 acres abandoned Platano farm in the town we actually live in, which I have been eyeing for years. There is a little stream the flows by it and it is surrounded by several communities…one being very poor. We are about to start the process of getting established which includes paying for the land lease, insurance, and getting supplies. We also want to build some cabins to host guests, visitors, and volunteers. The faster we can get this accomplished the faster we can the ball rolling and start offering a list of programs that we have put together.


We already have a farm manager, a horticulturalist, a professional organic farmer who has grown naturally in Puerto Rico for over 40 years, and several others on our team. My job, as Director, naturally is to make sure we can be a sustainable entity….YAY! I have the hardest job…to make this a viable project. I created an Indiegogo campaign, under the advisement of my friend Poncho, and am pushing as hard as I can. As many people as I am connected with, one would think this would be easier. Well, its not. Just posting another campaign from Indiegogo doesnt connect with folks that much. Most people who see what I am doing and have been doing out there dont realize that is has been as a huge sacrifice…as Puerto Rico as rich in nature as it is…there is really a very small population that appreciates and loves the land like I do. So I consider this a global project…I see it as a doorway into something much bigger.


This is a grassroots project that has huge implications in the world. We want to create a sense of community with our neighbors. We want to teach visitors how to create a sustainable living system that can benefit their communities. We want to teach and feed the children of Puerto Rico. We want to create a connection between children of the world and children in Puerto Rico. We want to cultivate a humanistic attitude among our fellow compadres. This project is not about money…its about nurturing a lifestyle that has been forgotten because folks are out there trying to make that money. You know how it is…you can feel it. If only you had the time for living, would you be doing the job you are doing…most people said no. We really need to step away from that reality! So this is the connection I am trying to make with you. Yes, we do need money to get started, but we want you to know that this is bigger than that! I hope you feel me. And if you possible can help us get this party off the ground, we really would greatly appreciate it. In any way possible… Check out our campaign and do what you can! Ashe!


2 thoughts on “You make the difference!

  1. Ha I just wanted to send some information to you about Michael Reynolds These are awesome! Our family has land in Patillas Puerto Rico and have been thinking of building one of these earthships there. You are doing a great thing by educating people in Puerto Rico. I know the US dollar will collapse in our near future because we can’t keep spending when we are so far in the red !!!! My daughter and I are thinking about making a contribution to the cause ! ❤ you idea and talk to you soon Janette Rivera

    • Ha! Thank you for that….Yes, I have investigated those Earthships…been to the website a few times. Yes, the dollar is about to collapse…time to grow food! Food is the new (old) money!

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