Donate to the Grantwriter Fund!

I have found a grant writer who is ready to start researching and writing grants for our organization so we can get funding for the farm and other projects. We are going to need to give her a stipend so that she can start working on our project, and then when actual grant monies come in we can fund her job through the continuous grants that will be written. She will also act as a consultant for the non profit as well. Her name is Hope Elliot and her website is We need YOU to donate $5 to the Muevete PR Grantwriter fundraiser. No grant writer, No Farm, No Program, No Jobs, No Children being taught about sustainable living!


SEND YOUR $5 donation to:


Thanks SKAI! As soon as we raise this fund she can start. We have over 100 members in this group…that equates a little over $500. We want active people here, no trolls just watching what we are doing and not contributing to progress…And if you can send more…EVEN BETTER! Ashe!


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