Energy Exchange Opportunities NOW AVAILABLE!

Luquillo Farm Sanctuary:  Elise, Skai and Joe on the land

Luquillo Farm Sanctuary: Elise, Skai and Joe on the land

Luquillo Farm Sanctuary
P.O. Box 1969
Luquillo, PR 00773


Skai Davis, Director 939-891-9215
Joe Santiago, Energy Exchange Coordinator 939-216-2339

We are developing an amazing non-profit organic sustainable farm. We are interested in receiving Volunteers/Wwoofers/Energy Exchangers to come and help up with a multitude of projects on this 80 acre farm. We are located within the foothills of the El Yunque Rain forest here in Puerto Rico and we are just one mile from the beach.

The activities and projects that we need to fulfill are land clearing, seeding and weeding, bed making, cabin building and much more. No experience is required, however the desire to learn, experience, and accomplish is absolutely necessary.

We have a minimum stay of 2 weeks and a max stay of 30 days. If you are interested in a longer term stay that can be communicated however we would first like you to commit to the first month so that we can feel you out….and you can feel us out too.

We require a $10 a day Energy Exchange Fee…which helps to pay for food and other supplies. Longer stays of over 30 days would receive a discount on this fee. The accommodations right now are very rugged…camping…no electricity…no running water. We are just beginning so things are starting from scratch, however the more the merrier and the more folks we have the more fun it will be and the more we can accomplish. We are really interested in folks who are most interested in hard work and hard fun! We will make the experience memorable for you and also plan on taking you around to see our beautiful island too.

If that type of camping is too rough, we do have a hostel down the road that costs $23 a day. Shared bedrooms, shared bathrooms, and wifi! That can be arranged.

Transportation to the farm: You can take the “public” to the farm for about $6 from the airport….or we can pick you up for $40 one way. A taxi is about $75 one way.

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

We are open to receiving families with children…you would just have to set up your camping with them…and be willing to pay $25 a day for a couple with one or more children.

We provide 3 meals a day, or food for you to make 3 meals a day. It depends on what is going on. All meals are vegetarian. No smokers or drinkers.

We require that you work with us approx 25 hours a week…the rest of your time is free, however if you are the stay busy type…please feel free to ask. We have too many projects to work on. We may need some clerical help too.

Safety is always a concern and where we are located is very safe and the community is in support of what we are trying to accomplish. However…be smart! We would require you sign a waiver of liability during your stay with us.

Please submit a letter of intent describing your interests, who you are, and what is most interesting to you about participating in a project like this. Thanks!


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